Continuing Excellence in Organ Donation and Transplantation

Demonstrating your competence through certification is an important first step in maintaining control over your career, but rapid changes in methodologies and technologies require you to keep current with new developments over time. Through recertification, you help ensure continuous intellectual growth and exhibit your continued competence to colleagues and employers, as well as patients and families.

Each ABTC certification (CCTC, CPTC, CCTN, and CTP) is valid for three years. There are two ways to recertify:

  1. You may retake the certification examination – a passing grade will result in recertification.
  2. You may attend continuing education courses to earn Continuing Education Points for Transplant Certification (CEPTCs)

Requirements for Recertification through Continuing Education

The number of CEPTCs required for recertification through continuing education is 60. Organ donation and transplantation professionals who are dually certified through ABTC must accumulate 90 CEPTCs within the same three-year period. Dually certified coordinators' expiration dates are synchronized at the implementation of the current online recertification process.

A minimum of 20 CEPTCs submitted in Category 1 must be earned by completing one or more of the following activities:

  • Attending continuing education programs approved by ABTC
  • Writing test questions for certification exams – based on the cognitive level of the question you can earn one to five CEPTCs per question (requires approval by ABTC)
  • Completion of CEPTC offerings in the Progress in Transplantation journal
  • ABTC committee membership

A recertification fee of $300.00 and $350 for dual credentials is required to complete recertification. The annual deadline for recertification submission is December 31 for individuals certified prior to April 2020. Effective April 2020, newly certified individual's three year cycle will begin on the date of initial certification (date took and passed the test) through 3 years from the date of initial certification.

Additional Information and CEPTC Resources

To support your need for convenient, cost-effective access to CEPTCs, our Approved Provider program incentivizes employers, vendors and partners to provide CEPTCs at your work site or a nearby location, eliminating the need for travel and added expense. For your convenience, ABTC also offers an Online Recertification System that makes it easy to enter and track your continuing education activity from your desktop, tablet or other mobile device.

For more information and assistance with recertification, download the following PDFs:

Be a Approved Provider
- Offer CEPTCS

Join an ABTC Committee (members only)

Learn more about Continuing Education

Track Your CEPTCs Online​
- Record & Store As You Go​