What is CertPath?
CertPath is a certification assistance program that enables employers, to support their transplant and organ procurement professionals in achieving their initial ABTC certification in a cost-effective way.  The CertPath program is open to transplant centers, organ procurement organizations, and all other organizations that employ transplant professionals eligible to take the ABTC certification exams for the first time.
We look forward to your participation in CertPath and support of your practitioners’ professional career path. 

CertPath & the Value of ABTC Certification for Your Organization
The CertPath program is designed to support your organization in fostering a team marked by true excellence. For transplant centers and organ procurement organizations, there are many benefits to having ABTC-certified professionals on your team:

  • Elevated competitive positioning: When organ donation and transplantation professionals hold specialty certifications from ABTC, it signals to the entire community, practice – and to the public – that your team embodies exceptional expertise in organ transplantation services.
  • Continuous professional growth for your team: By encouraging certification, you can help ensure ongoing professional development for members of your transplant or organ procurement team.
  • Help your organization grow in its mission to save lives. Having certified professionals on your team underscores your organization’s commitment and strict adherence to the highest standards of practice. Patients and families know they are in safe hands when certified professionals manage their care.

The Process is Simple
To begin, simply complete the CertPath Registration Form linked below. Provide the names of eligible applicants your organization will be supporting. A unique CertPath link will be provided to the organization to share with the eligible applicant to apply for an ABTC exam.

  • If the individual passes the exam on the first attempt: ABTC will invoice your organization for the specific exam costs, and you will have one more board-certified transplant professional on your team – congratulations!
  • If the individual does not pass the exam on the first attempt: They are granted a one-time, no-cost retake. Your organization will once again provide the unique CertPath link to the candidate for them to reapply. There will be no exam fee charge to your organization nor to the individual for the second attempt, and you will be invoiced the exam fee only if the individual passes the retake or has a second unsuccessful attempt.  Individuals retaking the examination cannot apply for a second attempt before 90 days following their last exam attempt before scheduling a test date.

Please note:

  • CertPath is not available for recertification exams.  To obtain recertification, a candidate must apply for subsequent exams through the standard process and submit payment for the non-refundable examination fee at the time of application.
‚ÄčBeginning January 1, 2023, the following price structure will be instituted
  • A non-refundable $150 fee will be assessed on all exam applications;
  • CCTC, CPTC, and CTP exam fees will increase from $425 to $495;
  • CCTN exam fee will increase from $325 to $350;
Over the past decade, the ABTC has continued to hold our pricing structures steady while improving operations and absorbing steady cost increases. Despite identifying cost-saving measures, the current economic environment has forced a new pricing

CertPath Registration Form
Complete the form below to register (or, if preferred, you may print, scan and send this PDF form to info@abtc.net). Please allow five business days for processing. You will indicate on the form the name and number of applicants per exam you wish to support.   

Click here for the CertPath Registration form.

CertPath FAQs

Which ABTC certification exams are included in the CertPath program?

To support transplant professionals, the following ABTC exams are included in the program.

  • Certified Procurement Transplant Coordinator (CPTC®):
  • Certified Clinical Transplant Coordinator (CCTC):
  • Certified Clinical Transplant Nurse (CCTN®):
  • Certified Transplant Preservationist (CTP®):

How does an organization enroll in the CertPath program?

Complete the form above to register (or, if preferred, you may print, scan and send this PDF form to info@abtc.net). Please allow five business days for processing. 
How will the applicants’ payment be submitted to ABTC?

The organization will be provided a unique CertPath link from ABTC to apply for the exam on the Certemy platform.   The applicant will enter the organization’s name under “Current Employer” in the Demographics step of the exam application.  CertPath links should only be shared with those applicants being supported by the organization.

 A CertPath candidate was unsuccessful on their first attempt, how do they apply for a retake?

The organization will provide the candidate the unique CertPath link and instruct them to reapply.  A candidate cannot apply for a second attempt before 90 days following their last exam attempt before scheduling a test date.

When will the organization be invoiced?

The organization will be invoiced after the candidate’s first successful or two unsuccessful attempts.
Does the CertPath program cover recertification exams, too?

No.  The CertPath program is for those seeking their initial certification.