Welc​ome to CertPath

CertPath is a certification assistance program that enables you, the employer, to support your transplant and organ procurement professionals in achieving their initial ABTC certification, while limiting costs when exams are not passed on the first or second try.

CertPath is open to transplant centers, organ procurement organizations and all other organizations that employ transplant professionals who are eligible to take the ABTC certification exams for the first time.

The Process is Simple

To begin, simply complete the CertPath Registration Form below. Your registration confirms your commitment to at least four ABTC certification exams for your staff attempting their respective examination for the first time within a 12-month period. Once your registration is processed, CertPath voucher codes will be assigned to participating organizations for candidates attempting the exam for the first time. Each transplant professional with a voucher code may then take the correlating exam for the first time at no expense of his/her own by entering the voucher code at the time of exam registration.

  • If the individual passes the exam on the first attempt: ABTC will invoice your organization for the specific exam cost, and you will have one more board-certified transplant professional on your team – congratulations!
  • If the individual does not pass the exam on the first attempt: He or she is granted a one-time, no-cost retake. Your organization must request another voucher code, that is specifically for the use of repeating candidates, from ABTC for the second attempt. There will be no charge to your organization nor to the individual for the second attempt, and you will be invoiced only if the individual passes the retake. Please note: individuals retaking the examination must wait 90 days following their last attempt before scheduling a test date.

If the individual does not pass the exam on the second attempt, an additional CertPath voucher will not be issued. To obtain certification, he/she must apply for subsequent exams through the standard process and must pay the non-refundable examination fee at that time. This exam will not count toward your organization’s commitment of four first-time ABTC certification exams through the CertPath program.

Please note: CertPath vouchers do not apply beyond the first two attempts, nor are they available for recertification exams.

CertPath Registration Form

Complete the form below to register (or, if preferred, you may print, scan and send this PDF form to info@abtc.net). Please allow five business days for processing. You may indicate on the form the number of voucher codes per exam you wish to receive. Once processed, you will receive a confirmation email from ABTC with the voucher codes assigned to your particular organization. Please note: these codes are not transferable to other organizations.

Click here for the CertPath Registration form.

CertPath & the Value of ABTC Certification for Your Organization

The CertPath program is designed to support your organization in fostering a team marked by true excellence. For transplant centers and organ procurement organizations, there are many benefits to having ABTC-certified professionals on your team:

  • Elevated competitive positioning: When organ donation and transplantation professionals hold specialty certifications from ABTC, it signals to the entire community and practice – and to the public – that your team embodies exceptional expertise in organ transplantation.
  • Continuous professional growth for your team: By encouraging certification, you can help ensure ongoing professional and intellectual growth for members of your transplant or organ procurement team.
  • Help your organization grow in its mission to save lives. Having certified professionals on your team underscores your organization’s commitment and strict adherence to very high standards of practice. Patients and families know they are in safer hands when certified professional manage their care.

CertPath FAQs

Which ABTC certification exams are included in the CertPath program?

To lower the financial risk for all applicable organizations, the CertPath program applies to the exams associated with all four ABTC certifications:

  • Certified Procurement Transplant Coordinator (CPTC)
  • Certified Clinical Transplant Coordinator (CCTC)
  • Certified Clinical Transplant Nurse (CCTN)
  • Certified Transplant Preservationist (CTP)

How many exam vouchers can I request through CertPath?

While you are only required to commit to four exams, you are not limited to four. In fact, there is no limit to the number of exam voucher codes you can receive within the 12-month period. The only limit is the number of voucher codes allowed per transplant professional, which is two. However, ABTC will issue
codes a maximum eight (8) codes at one time. ABTC requests that participating organizations request exam voucher codes will be used within a 180 day period of time. ABTC will not issue additional exam voucher codes unless the participating organization is able to confirm that all codes initially issued have been assigned to specific candidates. Be sure you issue codes to individuals who are currently eligible for testing and not issue to individuals who will obtain eligibility in the future.

How do I request voucher codes, and how do I acquire retake voucher codes?

You may request voucher codes at the time of registering into the CertPath program as indicated on the form. Or you may request coded vouchers from ABTC by email or phone (856-437-4662) throughout your 12-month period. Please include the individual’s name and specify which exam he or she will take. You will receive the voucher code(s) within 7 business days.

If an individual does not pass an exam on the first attempt, you must request another voucher from ABTC for the retake for that particular individual.

Organizations with outstanding balances of examination application fees will be asked to be paid before additional codes will be issued.

Does the CertPath program cover recertification exams, too?

No, the CertPath program is for individuals taking the certification exams for the first time only.

What happens if the transplant professional fails the no-cost retake exam?

Subsequent exams will require direct pay through the standard certification exam process.

When do you issue invoices?

We will invoice on a monthly basis for each individual from your organization who passes the examination, either on the first or second attempt. We also invoice at the end of the 12-month period if your organization hasn’t met the program requirements (see next question).

What happens if my organization doesn’t meet the minimum requirement of four exams through the CertPath program?

If your organization hasn’t met the requirement by the end of the 12-month period, you will be billed for each exam short of the minimum commitment at the respective examination application fee(s). For example, if your organization uses ​only two of the four required exams within the 12-month period, you may be charged up to $850.00 for the two unpurchased exams, regardless of the status of the no-cost retake exams.

How are voucher codes used as payment for an examination?

Voucher codes are valid for online applications only through our testing agency, PSI. Each voucher code assigned is used as a method of payment for the application fee. The online application process remains the same, except a code is entered in lieu of a credit card for payment.