ABTC Board of Governors

​​​​​​​​​​​​The Board of Governors shall consist of the following officers and committee chairpersons: President, Immediate Past President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Procurement Examination Committee Chairperson, Clinical Examination Committee Chairperson, Transplant Nurse Examination Committee Chairperson, Continuing Certification Committee Chairperson, Judiciary Committee Chairperson, three (3) at-large representatives from the ABTC membership and one (1) public board member.

A member of the Board of Governo​​rs must be a qualified member of ABTC as described in Article III of the By-Laws. All Board of Governors except the at-large representatives and the public member shall have served on a standing committee for at least one (1) year. In addition, the Procurement Examination Committee Chairperson must be employed in the field of organ procurement; and the Clinical Examination Committee Chairperson and the Transplant Nurse Exam Committee Chairperson must be employed in the field of clinical transplantation.

The public member should be a consumer of certificant skills (i.e., donor family or recipient) and should not be employed in a profession encompassed by the certification programs.​

Current ABTC Board of Governors​​​

2018 Sheila Alston, President

Sheila Alston

2018 Jacke Corbett, Immediate Past President

Jacke Corbett
Immediate Past President

2018 Katherine (Kati) Robinson, President Elect

Katherine (Kati) Robinson
President Elect


Chad Muse

2018 Daryle Blackstock, Judiciary Chair

Daryle Blackstock
Chair, Judiciary

2018 Jennifer (Jen) Salm, Continuing Education Committee

Jennifer (Jen) Salm
Chair, Continuing Education Committee

2018 Jodie Linard, Chair, CCTC Committee

Jodie Linard
Chair, CCTC Committee

Ashley Brown, Chair, CPTC, CTP Committee

Ashley Brown
Chair, CPTC, CTP Committee


Kasey Dunn
Chair, CCTN Committee

Kevin Carney

Kevin Carney
CCTC At-Large Representative

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Susan (Sue) Dummer
CCTN At-Large Representative

No Image

William (Bill) Thompson
CPTC At-Large Representative

No Image

Barbara (Barb) Sheble       
Public Member

Rob Teaster, Director Emeritus

Rob Teaster       
President Emeritus

Executive Office

Felicia Lembesis                  
Executive Director

Martine DiDonato
Assistant Executive Director

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