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Qualifications for the Examinations

The Certified Clinical Transplant Coordinator (CCTC®), Certified Procurement Transplant Coordinator (CPTC®), and Certified Transplant Preservationist (CTP®) Examinations may be taken after you have worked a minimum of 12 months as a transplant coordinator or preservationist and have learned the basics about your field through independent study or formal training programs. A candidate is expected to complete the full 12 months of work experience required by the date of application. Certified Clinical Transplant Nurse (CCTN®) Examination Qualifications for the CCTN® examination include 12 months of general experience as a Registered Nurse (RN). In addition, 12 months of experience while working as a transplant nurse is required. Certified Transplant Financial Coordinator (CTFC), Candidates must have completed 12 months of work experience as a transplant financial coordinator or equivalent position.

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