Write Exam Items For CEPTCs


When submitting a question you must indicate which examination is applicable, e.g. CCTC, CPTC, CCTN, or CTP. The content category must also be included, see detailed content category. Four (4) options must be provided as possible answers and indicate which option is the correct answer. A reference must be provided to validate the correct answer. Questions that are submitted are reviewed by the ABTC Examination Committees and if your question is accepted by the committee up to five (5) CEPTCs will be awarded. 1 CEPTC will be awarded for "recall" cognitive level question, 3 CEPTCs will be awarded for "application" cognitive level question and 5 CEPTCs will be awarded for "analysis" cognitive level question.

If you've written a test question you'd like to submit for approval and CEPTCs please contact ABTC at info@ABTC.net for more information

A copy of the Detailed Content Outline is also available below to help you determine what topics should be covered.