Committee Member Highlight

Name & Committee:
Robert E.L. Teaster, RN, MBA, CPTC
ABTC President


Small-town, Ohio

Monicah-wife; Oia and Esme-Daughters

Hobby/Hidden Talent:
Fly fishing

Hound dog-T.J.

What kind of a car did you learn to drive on?
Farm Truck

Favorite Season?

Ideal comfort food?
BBQ-any and all types

Do you prefer Sunrise or Sunset?
Sunrise, when I don’t miss it because I am already in the hospital

What vegetable do you hate?

When did you start in the field and where?
While I was in college I started working for Diane Wilson at Community Tissue Services—she sold me on this field from the very beginning.

How did you get involved in your committee?
Burt Mattice, one of my mentors challenged me to get involved and then provided me the opportunity to do so.  Now 16 years later, I am serving as President of ABTC.  I am grateful for the perspective he was able to impart upon me over the years.

Why did you choose to become certified?
It was really about commitment for me; either I was going to be dedicated to this field and be recognized as an expert or I was just want to clock in and clock out.  I made the choice to commit myself to the well-being of others through this work.

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